Serum-Free Cell Freezing Medium
For Research Use Only
Wako Cat. #302-14681 (120 mL) (Lymphotec #CS-02-001)
                    #306-14684 (5 x 20 mL) (Lymphotec #CS-04-001)
Manufactured by LYMPHOTEC Inc.
Keep at 2~10ºC
BAMBANKER™ is a serum-free medium for long-term
freezing at -80ºC and preservation of valuable culture
cells such as tumor cells and normal cells.
Features • • • •
Ready-to-use medium for preservation of cells
Usable without diluting
No program freezer is required
Rapid and long-term freezing and preservation in a deep freezer (-80ºC)
Operating Procedure • • • •
1) Centrifuge the cells in logarithmic growth phase*, and collect 5 x 105 ~ 1 x 107 cells.
2) Suspend the collected cells in 1 mL of this medium, and place the cells in cryotubes for freezing and
preservation. Then, freeze and preserve the cells at -80ºC without preliminary freezing.
The cells frozen at -80ºC can be preserved subsequently in liquid nitrogen.
3) Thawing must be carried out quickly in a constant-temperature chamber or a bath.
*: The cells must be frozen in logarithmic growth phase.
Sterility test** • • • •
chromogenic substrate method
Fluorescent antibody method
Fungi and bacteria:
As per Japanese Pharmacopoeia
(**: Certificate of analysis will be issued upon request.)
Applications • • • •
[Cells preserved well by cryopreservation test]:
• P3U1 (mouse myeloma cell line), K562 (human leukemia cell line),
human gastric epithelial cells, human γδT cells
• Daudi (human B cell line), PC12 (rat-derived adrenal pheochromocytoma),
human B cell line
• OKT4 (mouse hybridoma), monkey B cell line,
Activated lymphocyte derived from human peripheral blood,
Activated lymphocyte derived from mouse spleen
Precautions • • • •
Use only for research purposes, not for human use.
Prior to using this medium, perform the confirmation test on the cells under study.
The manufacturer shall not be responsible for any accident or damage caused by the use
of this product.
If you have any questions on the use of this medium, please contact the local distributor.
Wako Catalog No.
Package Size
Expiration period
Serum-Free Cell Freezing Medium,
containing 10% DMSO
(Lymphotec's product No.CS-02-001)
120 mL
5 x 20 mL
Keep at
2 years after
Operating Procedure • • • •
Transfer cell suspension from culture vessel
to a centrifuging tube
Remove the supernatant
Add BAMBANKER™ and suspend cells
at 5 x 105 ~ 1 x 107 cells/mL
Aliquot the suspension into cryotubes.
Comparison of Bambanker™ with other relevant products • • • •
-Cryopreservation Test-
*1: Storage period of Cell Line at -80ºC
Media tested
1. Bambanker™ (LYMPHOTEC Inc.)
2. Medium with serum (Company A)
3. Serum-free Medium (Company A)