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for in vivo imaging
Coelenterazine h

  1. Features
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    1. Features:

Competitive Price with the development of unique technology
Bulk Ordering is welcomed.
High Quality - BRET (Applicable to Bioluminescence resonance energy transfer), Ca2+ Imaging and Dual Reporter Assay

      2. Application

Visualization of chemiluminescence imaging of a mouse with Nano-lantern-expressing tumors.

Glow green: Allow real-time imaging of intracellular structures in living cells

<Data was provided by Nagai T., Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka Univ. (Japan)>

    3. Reference:
  • Nagai, T. et al.: " Luminescent proteins for high-speed single-cell and whole-body imaging", Nature Communications, 3, 1262 (2012).

        4. Product List
    Product Name Package Size Wako Catalog No. Grade
    Coelenterazine h 1 mg 035-22991 for Biochemistry
    10 mg 031-22993
    50 mg 039-22994
    100 mg 035-22996
  • Home > Products > Life Science > Coelenterazine h