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For diabetes and obesity research
Glucagon ELISA kit Wako (Sandwich method)

Glucagon is a peptide hormone consisting of 29 amino acids secreted from the α cells of pancreatic islets of Langerhans. The main physiological function of glucagon is to decompose glycogen in the liver into glucose, increase blood glucose level, and keep glucose level constant with insulin.




2. Features

■High specificity to glucagon

■High sensitivity(0.3pmol/L-)

■Small sample volume(10μL-)

This item is glucagon sandwich ELISA kit using 2 kinds of monoclonal antibodies. One reacts to the N-terminal of glucagon and the other reacts to the C-terminal.

3. Glucagon and glucagon-like peptide

4. Cross-reactivity

Name Cross-reactivity(%)
Glicentin(1-69) (human) 0.68
Glicentin(1-69) (rat) 0.96
Glicentin(1-69) (mouse) 0.97
Glicentin(1-61) (human) 0.95
Glicentin(1-61) (rat) not confirmed
Glicentin(1-61) (mouse) not confirmed
Oxyntomodulin (human, rat and mouse) 0.64
Mini-glucagon (human, rat and mouse) N.D.
Name Cross-reactivity(%)
GLP-1(7-36) NH2 (human, rat and mouse) N.D.
GLP-1(9-36) NH2 (human, rat and mouse) N.D.
GLP-2 (human) N.D.
GLP-2 (rat) N.D.
GLP-2 (mouse) N.D.
GIP (human) N.D.
GIP (rat) N.D.
GIP (mouse) N.D.


5. Performance

Princepal Sandwich ELISA
Standard curve 2.2~143.6 pmol/L(7.8~500pg/mL)
Sensitivity 0.3 pmol/L (1.08 pg/mL)
Sample Type Serum(Human, rat and mouse)
Plasma(Human, rat and mouse)
Cell culture supernatants
Sample volume 10μL
Assay time About 20 hour


6. Standard Curve

7. Correlation with competior's products

8. Product List

Product Name Wako Cat. No. Pkg. Size Grade Storage Condition
Glucagon ELISA Kit Wako (Sandwich method)


96 testsFor diabates researchkeep at 2 - 10℃

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Home > Products > Life Science > Glucagon ELISA kit Wako (Sandwich method)