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Reagent for assisting gene transfer

GoldMAN™ is a magnetic gold composite nanoparticle solution consisting of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles carrying numerous gold colloids a few nanometers in size.   It can be used for transfer of DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides, siRNA, etc. into cells.
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⇒ 1. Features
⇒ 2. Product Outline
⇒ 3. Outline of Gene Transfer
⇒ 4. Application
⇒ 5. References
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1. Features

(1) Direct sensitization of virus vectors to the gold region
(2) High efficiency of gene transfer into cells without a virus receptor
(3) Absence of cytotoxicity and applicability to various cells
(4) Applicable to magnetic separation and purification of gene-expressed cells

2. Product Outline

3. Outline of Gene Transfer

4. Application

Cells Increase in gene expression*1 CAR*2 expression level
B16BL6 (mouse melanoma cell line) 3,000 folds Low
NIH3T3 (mouse embryo fibroblast cell line) 800 folds Low
Colon26 (mouse colon cancer cell line) 600 folds Middle
A549 (human lung adenocarcinoma cell line) 15 folds High
*1 The gene expression when adenovirus vector carrying luciferase gene and GoldMANTM were used was evaluated by the luciferase assay.
*2 CAR: Coxsackievirus and Adenovirus Receptor: A receptor required for cellular penetration of adenovirus.

5. References
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ACT NONPAREIL Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan)
The company utilizes magnetic gold nanoparticles and offers magnetic beads meeting environments and purposes of use.
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6. Product List
Product name Package Size Wako Catalog Number
GoldMAN™ 2 mL 304-94621
Products listed in this page are for research use only.   Do not administer each to human.
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