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for mouse ES cell culture
StemSure LIF, mouse, recombinant, solution


Mouse LIF (leukemia inhibitory factor) was found as a factor inducing differentiation of M1 cells, mouse leukemia-derived cells, to macrophages and, thereafter, its inhibitory action on differentiation of embryonic stem cells (ES cells) was reported. At present, it is used in the culture of mouse ES cells as a factor maintaining undifferentiating property of mouse ES cells.
This product is a recombinant protein prepared by expression of mouse LIF in E. coli. It contains 6 Histidine tags at the C-terminal.
StemSure series is a group of products guaranteed for cell proliferation and undifferentiation property by the practical tests (cell proliferation test or colony forming test) and alkaline phosphatase (ALP) staining using mouse ES cell D3 strain.


1. Quality Control
2. Product Summary
3. Data
4. Product List
5. Related Products

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1. Quality Control

- Practical test (mouse ES cells)
- ALP staining (mouse ES cells)
- Sterility test
- Mycoplasma test
- Endotoxin, etc.

2. Product Summary
- Origin: E. coli expressed mouse leukemia inhibitory factor
- Activity: 106 units/mL
- Unit Definition: One unit is one twentieth of the amount of rmLIF which induces 50% cell growth of the maximum cell growth in the cell growth-promoting assay of mouse ES cells (D3).
- Working Dilution: Use of the final concentration at 1000 units/mL is recommended in the culture of mouse ES cell strain (D3 strain).
- Appearance: D-PBS, 1% BSA
- Sterility: 0.2-μm sterile filtered
- Storage conditions: To be stored at -20°C. Store at 2 to 10°C after thawing and use as immediately as possible.

3. Data
Cell morphology and expression of undifferentiated marker
Subculture at 1 x 105 cells/10-cm dish was repeated 11 times every 5 or 6 days, photographed under a phase contrast microscope, stained with alkaline phosphatase (ALP), immunostaining (various markers for undifferentiation) and DAPI staining.
<Composition of medium>
D-MEM + 15% KSR + 4mmol/L L-Glutamine + 2x Non-essential Amino Acid + 1x Penicillin-Streptomycin + 0.1mmol/L StemSure 2-Mercaptoethanol + StemSure: LIF

4. Product List
Code No. Product name Package Size
199-16051 StemSure LIF, Mouse, recombinant, Solution 106 units

5. Related Products
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StemSure 50 mmol/L Monothioglycerol Solution ( x 100) 100 mL 195-15791 for Cell Culture
StemSure 0.1w/v% Gelatin Solution 500 mL 190-15805
StemSure LIF, mouse, recombinant, solution for mouse ES cell culture 1,000,000 units 199-16051
StemSure Freezing Medium   (⇒ Not available for sales in the US.) 100 mL 195-16031
StemSure 10 mmol/L 2-Mercaptoethanol Solution ( x 100) 100 mL 198-15781

LIF, Human
Product name Package Size Wako Catalog No. Grade
LIF, Human, recombinant, Culture Supernatant 1 mL 129-05601 for Cell Culture
1mL x 10 125-05603
Not available for sale in the US, Canada, and Korea.

Reagents for researches of ES/iPS cells
Low-molecular compounds reported to involved in the maintenance of undifferentiation property and differentiation of ES/iPS cells are lined up.
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