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Tamavidin™ 2-REV Magnetic Beads

Image <Tamavidin™2-REV ~ reversible biotin-binding capability ~>
Takakura, Y. et al.: "Tamavidin 2-REV : an engineered tamavidin with reversible biotin-binding capability.", J. Biotechnol., 164(1), 19-25(2013).

Tamavidin™2-REV is an engineered protein from Tamavidin™2, the novel avidin-like protein. Tamavidin™2-REV has the capability of the reversible biotin-binding, and can be eluted the biotinylated molecules by the excess amount of biotin under mild condition.
[Under the normal condition, the binding of avidin/streptavidin and biotin is irreversible.]

1. Outline Tamavidin™2 Magnetic Beads


2. Application Data

    Recovery test of biotinylated DYKDDDDK-BAP


    Comparison of the recovery test.
    Recovery of the biotinylated DYKDDDDK-BAP from input with the streptavidin magnetic beads
    and Wako’s MagCapture™ Tamavidin™ 2-REV.

    In the result, MagCapture™ Tamavidin™ 2-REV could recover the biotinylated DYKDDDDK-BAP
    with low background compared to the streptavidin magnetic beads.

Point in Check !
Formulation of MagCapture™ Tamavidin™ 2-REV

10 mg/mL Tamavidin™ 2-REV magnetic beads suspension.
1xTBS (pH 7,4), 50 w/v% glycerol and 0.05 w/v% sodium azide.

    Immunoprecipitation by the biotinylated antibody


    RNA Pull-down Assay (HOTAIR RNA)

            Comparison of RNA Pull-down Assay with streptavidin magnetic beads and
            Wako's MagCapture™ Tamavidin™2-REV.


3. Products outline of Tamavidin™ 2 Series

Magnetic Beads
MagCapture™ Tamavidin™2-REV is the slurry of Tamavidin™ 2-REV immobilization magnetic beads.
Tamavidin™ 2-REV is a genetic mutant of Tamavidin™2 which is identified as a novel avidin-like protein from mushroom. Tamavidin™2-REV is a useful tool for the purification of biotinylated molecules such as nucleic acids, chemicals, antibodies and enzymes by using competitive biotin elution methods.
Product Name Package Size Wako Catalog No. Storage Condition
MagCapture™ Tamavidin™ 2-REV
2 mL
Keep at -20°C.

Recombinant Tamavidin™ 2 Series
Product Name
pl *1
for heat *2
Tolerance for organic solvent
Association rate constant to biotin
Dissociation rate
constant to biotin
M. W.
Tamavidin™ 2
Tm = 85°C
(1.0 ± 0.5) x 106
Below the detection limit*4
60 kDa
Tamavidin™ 2-REV
Tm = 75°C
(1.3 ± 0.5) x 106
(1.5 ± 0.4) x 10-5
Tamavidin™ 2-LPI
Tm = 65°C
(1.2 ± 0.1) x 106
Below the detection limit
Tamavidin™ 2-HOT
Highly Stable
Highly Stable *3
(3.0 ± 1.7) x 105
Below the detection limit

*1 Isoelectric Point: The value of Tamavidin™2-LPI only is the actual measured value. Others are calculated from the amino acid sequence.
*2 Thermostable (Tm value): It is the temperature heat for 20 minutes, which the biotin-binding ability getting half against the non-heated protein.
   Tamavidin™2-HOT cannot indicate as Tm, because it keeps over 90% activity after heat at 99.9°C for 30 minutes.
*3 Solvent tolerance: 40-50% DMSO.
*4 Detection limit: 5 x 10-6(kd(S-1))

Product Name Feature Package Size Wako Cat. No. Storage Condition
Tamavidin™2, recombinant
Tolerance for heat (Tm=85°C)
Somewhat stable for organic solvent
1 mg
Keep at -20°C.
5 mg
25 mg
Tamavidin™2-REV, recombinant
Reversible biotin-binding
1 mg
5 mg
Tamavidin™2-LPI, recombinant
Lowered non-specific binding
1 mg
5 mg
Tamavidin™2-HOT, recombinant
Tolerance for heat (Keep activity after heat at 99.9°C for 30 minutes)
Stable for organic solvent
1 mg
5 mg

[License] Tamavidin™ is the registered trademark of Japan Tobacco Inc. in Japan.
     FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation has sold the series of Tamavidin™ under the sales license from Japan Tobacco Inc..
Home > Products > Life Science > Protein Research > Tamavidin™ 2-REV Magnetic Beads