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Prevent the cell death of human ES and iPS cells
Y-27632, MF

Y-27632, MF was registered in the Drug Master File in Japan (Master File) as a medium additive in September, 2015.
Based on our own standards, we manage raw materials, conduct the validations of the manufacturing process and analytical tests and manufacture in the system obtaining permanently stable quality products.


1. About Y-27632

y-27632 Selective and potent inhibitor of ROCK
Y-27632 has various actions such as the contraction of vascular smooth muscle by signal transduction system of ROCK, etc.. It is also reported to suppress the cell death at the time of cell dispersion of human ES cells and human iPS cells, and to improve the cell survival rate after cryopreservation.

CAS No. 331752-47-7
C14H21N3O·2HCl·H2O = 338.27

2. Product Grade

Requirement Specification
Appearance White ~ pale yellow, crystalline powder ~ powder
Assay (HPLC) 98.0+ %
Solubility in water to pass tes
Specific rotation
[α]D20(c = 1.0, CH3OH)
+2.0 ~ +10.0°
Bacterial endotoxins less than 0.25 EU/mg
Viable count test 20 CFU/g or less
Mycoplasma test to pass test

3. Product List

Product Name Package Size Wako Catalog No. Grade Storage Condition
Y-27632, MF 5 mg 259-00613 for Cell Culture Keep at -20°C.
25 mg 257-00614

※The registration in the Drug Master File in Japan (Master File) does not mean that the confirmation or evaluation of the quality and safety have been performed by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency).

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Home > Products > Life Science > Culture > Y-27632, MF