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Hetrotrimeric Gq proteins specific inhibitor

YM-254890 is a cyclic depsipeptide isolated from a soil bacterium Chromobacterium sp. QS3666 strain and has a cyclic peptide structure composed of unique amino acids differing from normal amino acids.   It specifically inhibits signals mediated by Gq, G11 and G14, which are Gq family of heterotrimeric G proteins and are involved in elevated Ca2+ level among about 20 types of G proteins, by acting on GDP/GTP exchange reaction.  It is a first membrane permeable compound particularly inhibiting Gq signal and a useful tool for a study analyzing Gq signals.

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1. Features

  • Specifically inhibits signals mediated by Gαq, Gα11, and Gα14
  • Low-moleclar membrane permeable compound
  • Acts in both in vivo and in vitro systems

2. Basic information

  • Structure formula
  • CAS No. 568580-02-9
  • Assay: >95% (HPLC)
  • How to use: Dissolve it in DMSO at 1-10 mmol/L to prepare stock solution*.
    In use, acccordingly dilute it with an experimental solution.
    *: Go through the stock solution as soon as possible.

3. References

  1. Nishimura, A. et al., "Structural basis for the specific inhibition of heterotrimeric Gq protein by a small molecule.", PNAS, 107(31), 13666-13671 (2010).
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4. Product List

Product Name Package Size Wako Cat. No. Storage Condition
1 mg
Keep at 2-10°C.
10 mg

Home > Products > Life Science > Inhibitors  >  YM-254890