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RNA Polymerase 2 Inhibitor

α-Amanitin is one of toxic ingredients (amatoxins) with a cyclic peptide structure produced by poisonous Amanite mushrooms.   It has known for particularly strong toxicity among amatoxins.
Oral administration of the substance induces cholera-like gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea in the early stage followed by invasion in the liver and kidneys and, eventually, central nervous disorders such as sharp decline in blood pressure, excitement, convulsion and coma occur leading to death.

Product outline

♠ RNA Polymerase 2 Inhibitor
♠ Assay (HPLC): min. 94.0 %
♠ Appearance: White - pale brown, crystals - powder
♠ Solubility in water: to pass test
♠ Source: Amanita phalloides
♠ Cas No.: 23109-05-9
♠ C39H54N10O14S = 918.97

Product List
Product name Specification Package Size (Wako Catalog No.)
α-Amanitin, 94.0+ % (HPLC) For Cellbiology 1 mg (#010-22961)
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Home > Products > Life Science > α-Amanitin