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Anti CSA, Monoclonal Antibody
CSA (C3H strain specific antigen) is a variant of heat shock protein Hspa9. CSA expresses in C3H mouse,
and it does not disappear when the cell differentiates and turns cancerous.
Anti CSA, Monoclonal Antibody is able to be used to research of regenerative medicine, cancer and so on
using C3H chimera mouse.

Clone No.:

Storage buffer:
Working concentration:
Fraction containing GPI activity, whic is collected from the crude extract of C3H/HeN
mouse muscles.
Purified by Protein G affinity chromatography from nude mouse ascites.
Recognizes C3H strain variant of Hspa9.
Reactive with congenic mouse strain derived from C3H/He and C3H, DBA1, SM/J and
congenic CSA mouse from BALB/cA and C57BL/6.
PBS (-) (pH 7.2) and 0.1% Sodium Azide
1 mg/mL
Immunohistochemistry・・・ 1 ~ 5 µg/mL
Staining of Breast cancer cells of C3H mouse
The breast cancer cells of C3H mouse and the breast cancer cells of
BALB/c mouse are co-cultured, and strained by Anti CSA, Monoclonal
Antibody and FITC conjugated goat anti-mouse IgG.
Positive (green) is the breast cancer cells of C3H. The cells of BALB/c
are not strained. Red is the cell nuclei.
Fixative solution:
Primary antibody:

Second antibody:
Mounting medium:
95% Ethanol containing 1% acetic acid stored in ice.
Anti CSA, Monoclonal Antibody
(Final concentration: 1 µg/mL)
FITC conjugated goat, anti-mouse IgG
0.05 mol/L TBS (pH 8.0), 90% Glycerol and 10 mg/mL
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Anti CSA, Monoclonal Antibody
100 µg
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