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for Western blotting and ELISA
Anti FGF1, Monoclonal Antibody (mAb1)

FGF1 (fibroblast growth factor 1, aFGF, or acidic fibroblast growth factor) is a non-glycosylated heparin-binding growth factor expressed in the brain, kidneys, retina, smooth muscle cells, bone matrix, osteoblasts, astrocytes, and endothelial cells. It is involved in growth, differentiation, and survival of a variety of tissues and cells.

A recent report has indicated that FGF1 plays an important role in metabolic homeostasis by acting as a transducer of PPARγ signaling involved in adipose remodelling 11).


  1. Product Overview
  2. Data
  3. References
  4. Product List
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1. Product Overview
  • Storage buffer: D-PBS (pH 7.4) containing 0.05 % sodium azide
  • Concentration: 1 mg/mL
  • Subclass: IgG1
  • Clone No.: mAb1
  • Antigen: bovine FGF1

  • Cross Reactivity:Reacts with human, mouse, rat, and bovine FGF1
    (by Western blotting)Not react with other FGF family proteins (see 2. Data - Cross Reactivity - ).
    Not examined with FGF1 in other animal species.

  • Working Dilution:1 : 1,000 for Western blotting
    1 : 1,000 and higher for ELISA

2. Data
· Detection sensitivity

Sample: 0.01 ng, 0.1 ng, 1 ng of human FGF1 [Wako Cat. No. 064-04781]
Gel: SuperSep Ace, 10-20 % [Wako Cat. No. 191-15031]
Transcription: Semi-dry PVDF membrane
Blocking: 3 % skimmed milk / PBS-T at RT*1 for 1 hr.
1st Ab:Anti FGF1 (mAb1) [Wako Cat. No. 010-24161] (1 : 1,000) at RT for 1 hr.
Wash:With PBS-T twice for 10 minutes and then once for 5 minutes
2nd Ab:Anti Mouse IgG (H+L), Rabbit, IgG Whole, Peroxidase Conjugated
[Wako Cat. No. 018-23643] 1 : 20,000 (PBS-T) at RT for 1 hr.
Detection:ImmunoStar LD*2 [Wako Cat. No. 296-69901], LAS-4000

Detected level: 0.1 ng of the antigen*3.

· Cross Reactivity

Samples: (1) Human FGF1, (2) Human FGF2, (3) Human FGF4, (4) Human FGF6
(5) Human FGF7, (6) Human FGF8, (7) Human FGF10, (8) Human FGF16,
(9) Human FGF17, (10) Human FGF18, (11) Human FGF19, (12) Human FGF23,
(13) Mouse FGF1, (14)Mouse FGF2, (15) Rat FGF2 10 ng each

Gel:SuperSepTM Ace, 10-20 % [Wako Cat.No. 191-15031]
Transcription:semi-dry PVDF membrane
Blocking:3 % skimmed milk/PBS-T, room temperature, 1 hour
1st Ab:Anti FGF1 [Wako Cat. #010-24161] (PBS-T) (1 : 1,000)
at RT (room temperature) for 1 hr.
Wash:With PBS-T, twice for 10 minutes and then once for 5 minutes
2nd Ab:Anti-mouse IgG (H+L), Rabbit, IgG Whole, Peroxidase Conjugated
[Wako Cat.#018-23643] 1 : 20,000 (PBS-T) at RT for 1 hr.
Detection: ImmunoStar LD*2 [Wako Cat. No. 296-69901], LAS-4000

→ Detected (1) Human FGF1 and (13) Mouse FGF1.
→ No other FGF family proteins were detected under the above conditions.

NOTE: The band observed around 30 kDa is thought to be dimer formed during sample preparation.

*1: RT ⇒ room temperature
*2: Not available for sale in the US and Europe due to a patent.
*3: A longer duration of exposure 0.1 ng:    A longer duration of exposure can enhance clarity.

3. References
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Product List
Product Name Package Size Wako Catalog No. Storage Temperature
Anti FGF1, Monoclonal Antibody (Clone #mAb1) 200 μg 010-24161 Keep at 2 ~ 10°C
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