Research for Neuropathic Pain

Anti P2X4, Monoclonal Antibody

Wako Catalog No. 016-23281   (50 μg)


Pain after nerve damage is an expression of pathological operation of the nervous system, one hallmark of which is tactile allodynia-pain hypersensitivity evoked by innocuous stimuli. After nerve injury, P2X4R expression increased strikingly in the ipsilateral spinal cord, and P2X4Rs were induced in hyperactive microglia but not in neurons or astrocytes. Blocking P2X4Rs in microglia might be a new therapeutic strategy for pain induced by nerve injury 1).



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(1) P2X4 receptors induced in spinal microglia gate tactile allodynia after nerve injury, Tsuda, M., et al.: Nature, 424, 778-83 (2003).

(2) BDNF from microglia causes the shift in neuronal anion gradient underlying neuropathic pain, Coull, JA., et al.: Nature, 438, 1017-21 (2005).

(3) IFN-gamma receptor signaling mediates spinal microglia activation driving neuropathic pain, Tsuda, M., et al.: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 106, 8032-7 (2009).