Immunoprecipitation (IP) & piRNA Purification

Anti PIWIL1, Monoclonal Antibody

Wako Catalog No. 017-23451   (100 μL)


PIWI subfamily proteins are expressed in germ cells and other stem cells. PIWI has an important role in regulation of cell differentiation and development by harboring piRNA in these cells.
The 2C12 monoclonal antibody is used for immunoprecipitation of HIWI (human PIWIL1) and MIWI (mouse PIWIL1).


IP of human and mouse endogenous PIWIL1

Purification of RNA captured by PIWIL1

Working Dilution: 5 - 10 μg/10% Protein G beads slurry


IP of endogenous PIWIL1