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for Enhancement of Cell Growth & Differentiation!
Cellcampus (type I-collagen extracted from fish scales)

Cellcampus is a product of Taki Chemical Co., Ltd. and collagen extracted from the scales of farmed tilapia (tropical fish). Tilapia carries no viruses common to man and collagen extracted from fish has a high denaturation temperature. These characteristics make it useful for culture in tissue engineering. Cellcampus also has high fibrotic and cell proliferative potentials that make it suitable for common cell culture.


  1. Features

  2. Product overview

  3. Application Data [1]: High Cell Proliferative Potential

  4. Application Data [2]: High Differentiation Potential

  5. References

  6. Product list

1. Features
  • Extracted from fish (safe) Fish-derived collagen is safe as fish carries no viruses known to infect man.
  • High denaturation temperature As tilapia is a tropical fish, the denaturation temperature of collagen extracted from it is high. This makes the fish-derived type I collagen resistant to denaturation at normal cell culture temperature (can be used in normal collagen coated culture).
  • High fibrotic potential (Reference 1)

Cellcampus (scale-derived)

Derived from pig skin

Surface of collagen-coated dish after drying at room temperature (picture of an atomic force microscope)
Collagen extracted from tilapia scales has a strong tendency to return to in vivo state (fibrous state with regularly arranged collagen molecules). This property is used to coat the dish surface with collagen fibers.
2. Product overview
Cellcampus AO-03A (Solution type)   Cellcampus FD-08G (Lyophilized type)
Test characteristic Specification Test characteristic Specification
Appearance Clear and colorless liquid Appearance White sponge
Collagen concentration (%) 0.30 - 0.36 Weight (g) 0.80 - 0.90
Specific optical rotation -350° - -450°  
pH 3.0 - 5.0
Microbial count Not detected
Heavy metals (ppm) ≤ 20 (below the limit of detection)
Arsenic (ppm) ≤ 2 (below the limit of detection)

3. Application Data [1]: High Cell Proliferative Potential

Growth curve of HeLa cells. Demonstrates that Cellcampus promotes cell growth*.
*Similar effects have been observed with L929, MC3T3, and Saos-2 cells.
*Cellcampus has also promoted cell growth in low-serum medium.

4. Application Data [2]: High Differentiation Potential
⇒ Cellcampus

⇒ Derived from pig skin

⇒ No coating
[Culture and assessment]

Coat the dish with Cellcampus® AQ-03A diluted to 10-fold and dry at room temperature. Add dexamethasone, β-glycerophosphoric acid, and L-ascorbic acid to α-MEM medium and induce differentiation into osteoblasts. Measure ALP activity after 3 days (during early induction of differentiation).

Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity after differentiation induction of human mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts. Shows enhanced differentiation*.
*Confirmed high expression of osteoblast differentiation marker genes that are known to express in early osteoblast differentiation (BMP2 and OPN).

5. References
  1. J. Tanaka,et al., BioIndustry, 26 (8), 26-32 (2009).
  2. Y. Imaizumi, et al., MaterialsIntegration, 23 (2), 27-31 (2010).
  3. R. Matsumoto, et al., BioIndustry, 28 (11), 22-26 (2011).

6. Product list
Product Name Package Size Wako Catalog No.
Cellcampus AQ-03A
(Solution Type)
20 g 300-97881
100g 306-97883
Cellcampus AQ-03LE * 20 g 302-99443
100 g 306-99441
Cellcampus FD-08G
(Lyophilized Type)
0.8 g 303-97871
* Endotoxin: ≤ 10 EU/mL; Mycoplasma: Negative
  are confirmed.
These kits are not in vitro diagnostic.



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