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FUJIFILM Substratum
cellnest -
  Recombinant peptide based on human collagen type I

Fujifilm developed a non-animal based recombinant peptide (RCP), taking advantage of the know-how from its photographic film past. RCP is a biomaterial, applicable in various forms such as spones, granules and film for regeneration madicine research.


  1. Leaflet
  2. cellnest Coating Standard Protocol
  3. cellnest Coating Protocol for various cell lines
  4.     · 3T3L1     · BHK-21     · C2C12     · CHO-K1     · CV-1     · hMSC
        · HUVEC     · MC3T3E1     · MDCK     · NHEK     · Vero
  5. Protocol to make a cellnest sponge

2. Features

No animal-derived ingredients (xeno-free product) ···
    cellnest is manufacturing with recombinant technology from yeast with high reproducible quality
High cellular adhesiveness ··· Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) enriched with high cellular adhesion
Biodegradable and bioabsorbable ···
    Best for medical research material since readily biodegradable and bioabsorbable material which will not remain within the body.
Uniform molecular weight ··· For formulation into various forms, such as sponges, porous particles and granules
Low endotoxin (max. 10 EU/g)


●○● Material design ●○●




●○●Highly Flexible Formulation●○●
The peptide has an extremely uniform molecular weight distribution of approximately 51kD and is easy to formulate into various forms such as sponges, porous particles and granules.



●○● Stable manufacturing quality ●○●
Due to a recombinant peptide manufactured from yeast, the reliable supply with high reproducible quality is guaranteed.



3. Applications

A test with HUVEC on a petri dish coated with cellnest recombinant peptide based on human collagen type I has proven to enhance the adhesion of cells in a good form with good extensibility.


●○● Actual cells tested ●○●
endothelial cells (HUVEC), keratinocytes (NHEK), myoblasts (C2C12), pheochromocytoma (PC12), fibroblasts (3T3-L1), osteoblast-like (MC3T3E1), epithelial cell-like(CHO-K1), epitheloal cells(Vero, MDCK) and kidney cells(CV-1)

4. References

Kentaro Nakamura, Yasuhiko Tabata.
A new fluorescent imaging of renal inflammation with RCP.
Journal of Controlled Release, Volume 148, Issue 3, Pages 351-358

Kentaro Nakamura, Reiko Iwazawa & Yasuhiro Yoshioka.
Introduction to a new cell transplantation platform via recombinant peptide petaloid pieces and its application to islet transplantation with mesenchymal stem cells.
Transplant International, Volume 29, Issue 9, September 2016, Pages 1039-1050

5. Product List

0.1% Solution volume: 20 mL

Lyophilized volume: 100 mg
Wako Cat. No. Product Name Package Size
cellnest, recombinant peptide based on human collagen type I 0.1% solution
20 mL
cellnest, recombinant peptide based on human collagen type I Lyophilized
100 mg
cellnest, recombinant peptide based on human collagen type I Bulk product
Home > Products > Life Science > Culture > FUJIFILM cellnest