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Lytic enzyme

Kitalaze is a lytic enzyme having β-1,3- glucanase activity mainly, and performs the bacteriolysis of fungi. In addition to β-1,3- glucanase activity, it has been reported to have activities of protease, hemicellulase, pectinase, amylase.

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2. Product Outline

  • Appearance: Pale brown to brown, powder
  • Endo -β-1,3- glucanase activity: Shown on each label (the first production lot: 2,800 units / g)
    [ Unit Definition] One unit is the amount of enzyme which liberates soluble sugar equivalent to 1 μmol of glucose from curdlan per minute at pH 5.0 and 37°C
  • Source: Rhizoctonia solani

[Precautions on use]
Depending on the dissolving buffer, at the use of filtration sterilized after dissolution, there is a case to cause clogging though, there is no effect on the activity.
Please do the filter sterilized in several batches.
※ Confirmed buffer: OM Buffer

3. Product List

Product Name Package Size Wako Catalog No. Storage Condition
for Biochemistry
1 g 119-01021 Keep at 2-10°C.