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microRNA Research
IP method using monoclonal antibody against Argonaute protein specific to microRNA

microRNA Research ⇒ brochure eBook of microRNA brochure eBook  /    PDF (908 KB/8 p)
FAQ of microRNA Isolation using anti-Ago2 (696 KB/8 p)
Publication papers on Wako's antibodies against argonaute proteins (376 KB/4 p)
siRNA Pharmaceuticals - Isolation of Ago-siRNA complex - leaflet (181 KB/1 p)
 ⇒ Publication paper on siRNA Pharmaceuticals using Anti Ago2 by Merck (USA): Wei, J., et al.,
   "RNA-Induced Silencing Complex-Bound Small Interfering RNA Is a Determinant of RNA Interference-Mediated Gene Silencing in Mice",
     Mol. Pharmacol., 79 (6), 953-63 (2011)

brochure of Wako products for microRNA Research Applications - Blood sample - Isolation of Ago2-associated microRNA siRNA Pharmaceuticals -Isolation of Ago-siRNA complex
Publication paper on siRNA Pharmaceuticals using Anti Ago2 by Merck, USA (2011)
Publications on microRNA Research using 
	Wako's Argonaute proteins
  1. Target mRNA Cloning Kit Wako (Wako Cat. #292-66701)  -Applicable to screening of microRNA targeted mRNA-

  2.    (on the page #7 of    PDF (908 KB/8 p))
    ⇒ Screening kit of microRNA targeted mRNA from Ago IP RNA fraction.
    ⇒ Narrows down the targeted mRNA with wet experiments instead of prediction by the database

  3. Anti Ago1, Monoclonal Antibody 
      (2A7 for IP: Wako Cat. #015-22411; 1F2 for Western blot: Wako Cat. #018-22401)

  4. ⇒ Applicable to microRNA purification by Ago1 immunoprecipitation(Ago1 IP)

  5. microRNA Isolation Kit, Human Ago2 (Wako Cat. #292-66701)   microRNA Isolation Kit, Mouse Ago2 (Wako Cat. #292-67301) PDF (908 KB/8 p)

  6. - Kits for isolation of low molecular RNA bound with Argonaute 2 protein -
    These microRNA Isolation kit series can prepare high purity fraction of microRNA, which are specifically bound with human, mouse, rat and hamster Argonaute (Ago) protein, based on immunoprecipitation method by using a high affinity monoclonal antibody.
      ⇒ microRNA can be specifically isolated from human cell line leaflet (137 KB/2 p)
      ⇒ Isolation data from human/Mouse tissues leaflet (788 KB/8 p)
      ⇒ Real-Time qPCR for Ago2 IP RNA fraction using microRNA Isolation Kit, Human Ago2 leaflet (788 KB/8 p)
      ⇒ Isolation of Ago2-associated microRNA from blood samples FAQ(332 KB/2 p)
      ⇒ FAQ for microRNA Isolation Kit FAQ (696 KB/8 p)
      ⇒ Separation and Isolation kit of small RNA (≤ 200 nt)

  7. Anti Human Ago2, Monoclonal Antibody leaflet (137 KB/2 p)

  8. Ago2 is the most expressed protein which is considered to play a central role in miRNA pathway because it only has a slicer activity for cleavage of the target RNAs.  This highly qualified antibody can be utilized to immunoprecipitation as well as western blot and immunostaining.

  9. Anti Mouse Ago2, Monoclonal Antibody leaflet (324 KB/4 p)

  10. This antibody can specifically detect Ago2 protein from mouse, hamster and rat using western blot or immunoprecipitation.  Ago2 protein recovered by immunoprecipitation binds to with RNA involving in RNA interference (RNAi) pathway.

  11. Single strand DNA (ssDNA) Ligase, thermostable, recombinant solution (Wako Cat. #298-65103; 292-65101)
    (on the page #5 of   PDF (908 KB/8 p) )
    Under higher temperature (at 55 - 65 °C), ligation of ssRNA, ssDNA, and ssRNA-ssDNA is applicable.

  12. microRNA Cloning Kit Wako (Wako Cat. #290-66501) (on the page #5 of    PDF (908 KB/8 p) )
    Achieves highly efficient, accurate & easy-to-use adapter ligation

Product List
Product Name Application Package Size (Wako Cat. No.)
        Anti Ago1, Monoclonal Antibody (Clone #1F2) WB 50 μL (#018-22401)
        Anti Ago1, Monoclonal Antibody (Clone #2A7) IP, IF 50 μL (#015-22411)
        Anti Mouse Ago2, Monoclonal Antibody (Clone #2D4) WB, IP, IF 50 μL (#014-22023)
100 μL (#018-22021)
        Anti Human Ago2, Monoclonal Antibody (Clone #4G8) WB, IP, IF 50 μL (#011-22033)
100 μL (#015-22031)
        Anti Mouse Ago3, Monoclonal Antibody (Clone #1C12) IP 50 μL (#018-23241)
        Anti PIWIL1, Monoclonal Antibody (Clone #2C12) IP & piRNA purification 100 μL (#017-23451)
  <microRNA Purification Kits based on Immunoprecipitation method using antibody against Argonaute protein>
        microRNA Isolation Kit, Human/Mouse Ago1 IP method 10 reactions (#291-70201)
        microRNA Isolation Kit, Human Ago2 IP method 10 reactions (#292-66701)
        microRNA Isolation Kit, Mouse Ago2 IP method 10 reactions (#292-67301)
        microRNA Isolation Kit, Human Ago3 IP method 10 reactions (#297-70301)
  <Preparation Kit of cDNA encoding microRNA>
        microRNA Cloning Kit Wako Preparation of cDNA encoding microRNA in 1.5 days 8 reactions (#290-66501)
        Single Strand DNA Ligase, thermostable,
            recombinant, solution
Optimum temperature: 55-65°C 200 units (#298-65103)
500 units (#292-65101)
        PCR Purification kit Wako for removal of primers, primer dimmers, dNTPs, DNA polymerase & restriction enzymes from reaction buffer in 10 minutes 30 reactions (#298-67901)
        Target mRNA Cloning Kit Wako for cloning of microRNA-targeted mRNA from Ago IP RNA fraction 10 reactions (#298-68001)
  <Related Products> - RNAi enhancers modulation of mRNA knock down -
        Enoxacin V1 Chemical analogs derived from Enoxacin, which is new quinolone antibiotics for inhibition of DNA gyrase of infectious microbes.
Recently, Shan, et al. reported that Enoxacin and these analogs have promote the microRNA processing and mRNA knock down efficiency as RNAi modulators     PDF (398 KB/2 p) )
100 mg (#051-08031)
250 mg (#057-08033)
        Enoxacin V2 100 units (#058-08041)
250 units (#054-08043)
        Enoxacin V3 100 units (#055-08051)
250 units (#051-08053)
                WB: Western blotting; IP: Immunoprecipitation; IF: Immunofluorescence

microRNA Isolation Kit, Human Ago2; Mouse Ago2: patent pending (11,30,2007); microRNA Cloning Kit Wako: patent pending (1,10,2007). All listed products are for research use only. Do not administer each to human.


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