a novel fibrinolytic enzyme


Wako Catalog No. 147-08801   (5 g); #145-08802   (25 g)


Wako's Nattokinase is a high quality fibrinolytic enzyme contained in Natto, the fermented soybeans, and its protein structure has been defined. It is known that nattokinase is very inexpensive compared to the conventional fibrinolytic enzymes as it can be mass-produced from Bacillus natto, and it has a high fibrinolytic activity even when given orally. Some methods for determining nattokinase activity are known. Above all, the method using fibrin as a substrate has been considered to be difficult to determine the accurate activity of nattokinase as fibrin is also degraded by other proteases (e.g. subtilisin and trypsin). The activity of this product is accurately determined by using synthetic amido substrate (S-2222) which is specifically degraded by nattokinase. Please use this in study areas such as pharmacology.

Physical Data

Appearance: White ~ slightly pale brown, crystalline powder ~ powder

Source: Bacillus subtilis var. natto

Activity: shown on each label

Optimum pH: 7.8

Optimum temperature: 37 degrees C

Unit Definition: One unit is the amount of enzyme which liberates 1 μmol of p-Nitroaniline in minute at 37 degrees C



Molecular weight: abt. 27,724