Zwitterionic compounds

NDSBs: (Non-Surfactant sulfobetaine)
Sulfobetaine 3-14: (Surfactant sulfobetaine)

NDSB-095 (Wako Cat. #148-08831 (5 g); #146-08832 (25 g);   NDSB-256 (Cat. #141-07961 (5 g); #149-07962 (25 g)
Sulfobetain 3-14 (Wako Cat. #196-15721 (5 g); 194-15722 (25 g)

NDSBs are zwitterionic compounds which have a quaternary ammonium ion, acidic and hydrophilic sulfonate, and short hydrophobic group in one molecule. Such compounds that have hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups in the molecule typically form micelle and are called as "surfactants" but NDSBs do not form micelle due to those short hydrophobic groups. These products are non-surfactants with zwitterionic character.

On the other hand, sulfobetaine 3-14 is a surfactant, which is an amphipathic compound having polar and hydrophobic groups in one molecule. Sulfobetaine 3-14 has a strongly basic quaternary ammonium ion and acidic sulfonate with equivalent strength and its zwitterionic character is kept in a wide range of pH. Sulfobetaine 3-14 is applicable to protein researches such as protein solubilization.


1. Readily removed by dialysis as micelle is not formed.
2. Keep zwitterionic character in a wide range of pH.
3. NDSB-195; Usable in a protein detection system at 280 nm after column purification, as near-ultraviolet light is not absorbed.

Sulfobetain 3-14
1. Zwitterionic surfactant
2. Binding affinity more stable than that of anionic/nonionic surfactants which are widely used for solubilization of membrane proteins.
3. Keeps zwitterionic character in a wide range of pH.

Chemical Structual Formula





   1. Protein separation
   2. Purification of nucleoproteins or halophilic proteins
   3. Reconstitution of heat- or chemical-denatured proteins
   4. Reconstitution of fusion proteins from the inclusion bodies

Sulfobetain 3-14
   1. Solubilization of membrane proteins
   2. Inhibition of protein-protein interactions
   [Profile of Sulfobetain 3-14]
   Critical micelle concentration (CMC):
      · 0.16 mmol/L (in Water), 0.2 mmol/L (in 10 mmol/L Phosphate, pH 7.5)
      · No. of agglomeration: ~ 83-130 (in water)

Product Line

Zwitterionic Sulfobetaine
Wako Cat. No. (Pkg. Size)
Non-surfactant type
148-08831 (5 g); 146-08832 (25 g)
141-07961 (5 g); 149-07962 (25 g)
Surfactant type
Sulfobetain 3-14
196-15721 (5 g); 194-15722 (25 g)