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Research for ES Cells & iPS Cells


  -   Surface Treatment
  -   Protect adsoprtion of proteins     
  -   Protect adhesion of cells    
  -   Enhance cell adhesion     
  -   Designing and processing of polymer      
     ⇒ Sugar purification
     ⇒ DNA/Protein immobilization
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♣ Low Adhesion Products
for Effective Recovery of Stem Cells

STEMFUL (Catalog No. MS-90150Z)
Safe Recovery of ES cells/iPS cells
  • With a high density coating of hydroxyl groups, the tube surface of STEMFUL is effective in blocking the non-specific binding of proteins, peptides and cells
  • Temperature to use: -80°C to 40°C
  • Upper strenth of centrifuge: 4,640G (in-house data; rotation time 10 minutes)
  • STEMFUL should be your choice for enhanced recovery of stem cells through centrifugation!
♣ Low Adhesion Products
New Plates for Regenerative Medicine Research

PrimeSurface Cell Culture Plate
(the previous product name: Celltight X)

  • Best Choice for the embryonic body formation and the drug screening using 3D cell model
  • PrimeSurface™ 96U plate prohibits cells from adhering to matrices based upon SUMILON's proprietary low-protein-adsorption technology.
  • Prime Surfact™ shows phenomenal performancce of inhibiting adhesion of variety of cells.
  • Ideal for three dimensional cell culture
  • Ideal for creating homogeneous spheroids
  • Stable culture surface due to chemical bonding of ultra-hydrophilic coating material
  • Ideal for differentiation and stimulation response research due to the near in vivo environent by eliminating infuence of the plate material on cells

⇒ PrimeSurface 96U (Catalog No. MS-9096U)
  • U shaped bottom
  • No adsorption on the material and the uniform cell aggregate is formed.
  • Application: mouse ES cell

⇒ PrimeSurface 96M (Catalog No. MS-9096M)
  • Spindle shaped bottom NEW RELEASE!
  • Effective cell aggregate formation of human ES cells
  • Comfortable observation
  • Reduction of culture medium due to the V-shaped bottom
  • Application: human ES cell (KhES-1 strain)

⇒ PrimeSurface 96W (Catalog No. MS-9096W)
  • U shaped bottom, white type
  • Luminescence detection following cell aggregate formation can be done on the same plate.
  • There are no measurement error and sample loss by the transfer of cell aggregate

♣ Low Protein Adsoption Products

Proteosave™ SS
for the suitable preservation and treatment of proteins!

  • Proteosave SS series block the non-specific binding of proteins, peptides and cells on the tube/well surfaces quite effectively
  • Ultra hydrophilic surface treatment
  • Bridge formation and covalent binding with plate material
  • Reduce the adsorption of proteins and peptides
  • Strong resistance to organic solvents, detergents, and heat (up to boiling at 100°C for 10 minutes)
  • Wide usable temperature range (100 °C to deep freezing)
  • Very low stimulation caused by the material substrate
♣ Enhanced Cell Adhesion for Nerve-Cell Cultyre System
Artificial ECM coated Wares (ECM: extracellular matrix)
Celltight Series
fo Serum Free Cell Culture

Generally, the adhesion-dependent cells are cultvated on a dish, a flask and a multiplate made of glass or plasticcs by attaching cells on their surfaces. However, cells that have weak adhesion properties, such as the primary cultured hepatocyte cells and the nerve cells, it is necessary use the adhesion-dependent factors represented by the extracellular matrix on the cultivation surface.
Celltight C-1, G and PL are the innovative plates and flasks that have the high uniformity, stability and reproducibility by the originally developed unique techniques.

⇒ Celltight C-1 Collagen-I (originated from bovine dermis)
  • Collagen Type-I exists in many of mammal organs in known as and one of the most popular proteins amoung the mammal originated substances.
  • Celltigh C-1 series are suitable mainly for the cultivation of epithelial cells, mesenchymal cells and hepatocyte cells.
  • Work effectively for the adherence of transfected cells and serum free cultivation
⇒ Celltight G Gelatin (originated from pig skin)
  • Gelatin is the molecule obtained by the heat denaturation of collagen.
  • Suitable for the long-term stable cultivation of feeder cells (e.g. STO cells), which are essential for he ES cell cultivation.
  • Suitable for the other type of cells, e.g. myoblast.

⇒ Celltight PL Poly-L-Lysine (synthetic)
  • Poly-L-Lysine is a kind of α-amino acids. Poly-L-Lysine is obtained by the polymerization of L-Lysine which is one of essential amino acids. The molecule of Poy-L-Lysine has high positive charge with primary amino group in its side chain.
  • Poly-L-Lysine is consisted with the essential amino acids and it has no cell toxicity.
  • Suitable for the nerve cell cultivation.
  • The amino group on the culture surface stimulates charge-based cell adherence on the plate surface. It has advantage to the immobilization for the floating-type cells.
♣ Expression / Glycan Analysis

Rapid Glycan Purification & Labeling Kit - All procedures are carried out in one spin column tube within 6 hours!


  • Conventional fluorescent labeling reagents (2AB, PA) are applicable.
  • Kit contains the unique labeling reagent for the high sensitive MALDI-TOF MS measurement.
  • Applicable for high through put purification and labeling using 96-well filter plates

Other applications:
  • Glycan analysis for antibody drugs and biological drugs
  • Glycan profiling of cells and glycoproteins
  • Glycan analysis of glycoprotein from a single SDS-PAGE band
  • Large scale biomarker discovery from various biological specimens

BlotGlyco™ beads (Hz: -NHNH2 (hydrazide))
Polymer beads are densely coated with immobilized hydrazide groups to facilitate glycan capture

♣ Glycan Analysis
(Catalog No. BS-X1711, 1712, 1713, 1715, 1716)
  • Research on mechanisms of infection
  • Analysis of binding specificity of sugar chain-bound protein
  • Search for autoantibody

♣ for Easy Construction of High Sensitive Avidin-Biotin based Assay

Avidin Plate Blocking-less Type
(Catalog No. BS-X7603Z: 5 plates)
  • High density of avidin immobilized plate
    The plate surface was treated by the unique surface treatment technology in order to block non-specific binding of biological molecules.
  • Without the blocking step, high sensitive immunoassay and hybridization assay an be constructed.
  • Applications:
    - Immunoassays using biotin labeled antibodies and ligands
    - DNA/RNA hybridization assays using biotin labeled oligonucleotides
Affinity Beads
Various Applications using a specific ligand
Product List

Catalog No. Product Name Note
MS-90150Z STEMFUL (100 ea./15 mL conical) Centrifuge tube

    96U (96 wells, U shaped bottom; 20 ea.)
    96W (white, 96 wells, U-shaped bottom)
    96M (96 wells, V shaped bottom)
    Petri Dish (35φ; 50 ea.)
    24F (24 wells; 10 ea.)
for regenerative medicine research using 3D cell model

Proteosave™ SS
    0.5 mL microtube (500 ea.)
    1.5 mL microtube (500 ea.)
    1.5 mL microtube, sterilized (500 ea.)
    0.5 mL slim tube (500 ea.)
    1.5 mL slim tube (500 ea.)
    15 mL centrifugation tube (100 ea.)
    96F Plate, flat bottom (50 ea.)
    96F Black plate, flat bottom (50 ea.)
    96U Plate, round bottom (50 ea.)
block non-specific binding of proteins, peptides and cells on the tube/well surfaces quite effectively.

Celletight C-1 (Collagen-I)
     Cell Desk LF
     Petri Dish (φ 35; 60; 90)
     Plate (6; 12; 24; 48; 96 wells)
     Flask (50; 250; 800 mL)
extracellular matrix and polymer coated products

Celletight G (Gelatin)
     Petri Dish (φ 35; 60; 90)
     Plate (6; 12; 24; 48; 96 wells)
     Flask (50 mL)
extracellular matrix and polymer coated products

Celletight PL (Poly-L-Lysin)
     Cell Desk LF
     Petri Dish (φ 35; 60; 90)
     Plate (6; 12; 24; 48; 96 wells)
     Flask (50; 250; 800 mL)
extracellular matrix and polymer coated products

Simple and rapid glycan purification and labeling kit that brings high throughput and reproducibility to glycosylation analysis

Glyco Chip
     1 chip;
    4 chips;
    8 chips

GlycanArray I
GlycanArray II
Glycan analysis
BS-X7603Z Avidin Plate (5 plates) Avidin coated plate for easy construction of high sensitive avidin-biotin based assay
inquiry Affinity Beads various applications using a speciic ligand
inquiry Petri Dishe for Cell/Tissue Culture
(φ 35; 60; 90; 150)
inquiry Petri Dishe for Suspension Culture
     (φ 35; 60; 90)
MS-12400Z Cell Tray (15 ea.) Tray for Cell/Tissue Culture
inquiry Multi Well Plate for Cell/Tissue Culture
    with lid (50 ea.) (6; 12; 24; 28; 96 wells)
inquiry Multi Well Plate for Suspension Culture>
     with lid (50 ea.)(6; 12; 24; 28; 96 wells)
inquiry Flask for Cell/Tissue Culture
    (50; 250; 600; 800 mL)
inquiry Flask for Suspension Culture
    (50; 250; 600; 800 mL)
inquiry Filter Cap Flask for Cell/Tissue Culture
    (50; 250; 600; 800 mL)
Cell Desk LF1 (240 ea.)
Cell Desk LF2 (100 ea.)
Cell Desk, low autofluorescence
Celltight C-1 (collagen-I) (240 ea.)
Celltight PL (Poly-L-Lysine) (240 ea.)
Cell Desk, low autofluorescence (coating type)
inquiry Cell Scraper
     S; M; L (100 ea.)
inquiry Centrifuge Tube, Polypropyrene, translucence
    15 mL Centrifuge Tube (5/pack; 25/pack; with rack)
    50 mL Centrifuge Tube (5/pack; 25/pack; with rack)

Centrifuge Tube, TPX, transparent
    15 mL Centrifuge Tube
    50 mL Centrifuge Tube
inquiry Snapconical (50 mL; 120 ea.) Centrifuge Tube, Conical with flip-top cap
inquiry Disposable Pipette
    5 mL; 10 mL; 25 mL; 50 mL Pipette
inquiry Cryogenic Vial, outer cap type
     1 mL; 2 mL Cryogenic Vial (500 ea.)
     4 mL; 5 mL Cryogenic Vial (300 ea.)
Cap Color: White, red, yellow, blue, green, mix of 5
inquiry Cryogenic Vial, Inner cap type
     1.2 mL; 2 mL Cryogenic Vial (500 ea.)
     4 mL; 5 mL Cryogenic Vial (300 ea.)
Cap Color: White, red, yellow, blue, green, mix of 5
inquiry Slim Tube for High Speed Centrifugation
     0.5 mL; 1.5 mL Slim Tube (500 ea.)
inquiry Rack for cryogenic vials -
inquiry Box for storage of Cryoigenic vial -
MS-75200Z Color Code Chip (1,600 ea.) -
MS-78000Z Lock Stand (5 ea.) -
inquiry ELISA plate, 96 wells
     S; H; E; Amino; Carbo
inquiry ELISA plate, 8-well strip plate, 12 strip holder
     S; H; Amino; Carbo
MS-89961Z ELISA Plate Cover for 96 well plate (100 ea.) -
inquiry ELISA Plate Seal Film -
inquiry Plate for Chemiluminescence
  & Fluorescence Analysis
inquiry Microbial Testing and Diagnostic Relatings Petri Dish for Mutagenicity test; for Germ Culture
Biotray; 96 well plate for MIC test; Plate for coagulation test; 96 well PP plate, V bottom, etc.
inquiry Pipette Tip Pure Tip 10; 100G; 100E; 200, etc.
inquiry Nerve-Cell Culture Systm Culture medium; assay medium; dissociation solution; trial set; culture medium kit, etc.
The different sizes of the products that are not listed here will be available by the custom production service. Please inquire us.

PDF Leaflet (492 KB/1p)
Products listed in this page are for research use only.  Do not administer each to human.

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