Research with ES・iPS Cells

  • The efficiency of the selective ROCK inhibitor Y-27632 in ES・iPS cells has been demonstrated by several studies.
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Y-27632 is a highly potent, cell-permeable, and selective ROCK inhibitor. As well as modulating smooth-muscle contraction by inhibiting Ca2+ sensitization, the Rho/ROCK pathway may help to regulate integrin-mediated cell adhesion and motility.
Furthermore, it inhibits the cell death of human ES and iPS cells at cell dispersion. The colony forming activity of cryopreserved human ES and iPS cells thawed and cultured in a medium comprising Y-27632 was significantly improved.
[ROCK: Rho-associated coiled-coil forming kinase/Rho-associated kinase/Serine-threonine kinase]

Product Outline


Appearance White ~ pale yellow, crystalline powder ~ powder
Assay (HPLC) >98.0%
Solubility Water (2.5 mg/mL)
Specific rotation [α]20D (c = 0.5, CH3OH) +2~10°
Storage Conditions Store at −20°C in the dark (filled with inert gas)
Checked for mycoplasmas, endotoxins and cytotoxicity with negative results.

Product Lists

Product Name Pkg. Size Wako Cat. No. Grade Storage
CultureSure Y-27632
1 mg 030-24021 for Cell Culture Keep at -20˚C.
5 mg 036-24023
25 mg 034-24024


Passage culture, freezing, and thawing of cryopreserved, feeder-independent, human iPS and ES cells

  • Final concentration: 10 μmol/L (10 mmol/L with Y-27632 solution was added)


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Related Products

Product Name Pkg. Size Wako Cat. No. Grade/Manufacture Storage
CultureSure 10 mmol/L Y-27632 Solution,
300 μL 039-24591 for Cell Culture Keep at -20˚C.
1 mL 035-24593
5 mmol/L Y-27632 Solution 300 μL 253-00591 for Cell Culture
Y-27632, MF 5 mg 259-00613 for Cell Culture
25mg 257-00614
CultureSure A-83-01 2 mg 039-24111 for Cell Culture
10 mg 035-24113
CultureSure CKI-7 Dihydrochloride 5 mg 035-23971 for Cell Culture
Fibroblast Growth Factor (basic), Human, recombinant, Animal-derived-free
[FGFb / bFGF / FGF2]
50 μg 064-05381 for Cellbiology
100 μg 068-05384
A recombinant lectin can specifically recognize undifferentiated cell, and has already been labeled with FITC.
100 μL 180-02991 for Cell Staining
100 μL x 5 186-02993
BC2LCN Lectin, recombinant, Solution [AiLecS1] 1 mg 029-18061 for Glycobiology
1 mg x 5 025-18063
StemSure hPSC Medium Δ
*bFGF is not contained.
100 mL 197-17571 for Cell Culture
100 mL x 4 193-17573
hPSC Dissociation Solution
Cell Dispersed solution for passaging hESC/hiPSCs in Feeder-free condition.
100 mL 160-27051 for Cell Culture
iMatrix-511 175 μg x 2 382-02413 Nippi Inc. Keep at 4˚C.
175 μg x 6 380-02414
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