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Endotoxin Detection Reagents Limulus Color KY Series

  • Chromogenic Technique
  • Endotoxin Specific


  • Prepared with LAL reagent and a synthetic chromogenic substrate pre-dispensed in individual units, for a simple procedure by mixing the dissolved reagent with the sample (no reagent dissolution is required with single-test type)
  • Excellent stability of the dissolved reagent suppresses the reaction of the blank solution.
  • Endotoxin Specific detection without the interference of (1 → 3)-β-D-glucan is possible.
  • A wide determination range eliminates sample dilution in many tests.
  • Thanks to the high sensitivity performance, the effect of reaction accelerators or inhibitors can be reduced by diluting the samples.
  • Quantification using a Toxinometer® or a microplate reader is possible with multi-test type.


The reagent is based on the color development mechanism, which is activated by the presence of endotoxin. First, a series of activations of serine protease precursors in the reagent occur, consequently triggering the final reaction, in which a clotting enzyme hydrolyzes the chromogenic substrate to release a yellow chromogen (pNA).

Color Development Cascade Mechanism of the Limulus Color Reagent

Single test Type (Toxinometer® Assay)
Code No. Product Name Quantitative Range (EU/mL) Quantity
291-53601 Limulus Color KY Single Test Wako 0.0002 - 5 25 tests

Kit: Limulus Color reagent, 1 sample for 0.2 mL x 25 vials; Control Standard Endotoxin (CSE) x 1 vial

Multi test Type
Code No. Product Name Quantitative Range (EU/mL) Quantity
291-53101  Limulus Color KY Test Wako 0.0005 - 5 60 tests

Kit: Limulus Color reagent for 2 mL (20 tests with Toxinometer® / 40 tests with microplate reader) x 3 vials; Control Standard Endotoxin (CSE) x 1 vial
LAL reagent solution can be stored below −80 ℃ for up to 2 weeks.


Microplate Reader


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  • Lysate reagent selection flowchart


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