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Endotoxin Detection Reagents Limulus ES-Ⅱ plus CS Single Test Wako

  • Turbidimetric Technique
  • Endotoxin Specific
  • non-compendial


  • Preservation standard curve data attached.
  • PC and PPC can be prepared in one step from the accompanying low content CSE.
  • Stable endotoxin measurement is possible, due to the minor pH impact of the measurement sample on testing.
  • Highly sensitive endotoxin specific detection without the interference of (1 → 3)-β-D-glucan in the sample is possible.
  • High correlation with Limulus ES-ⅡSingle Test Wako as a lysate reagent.

Measurement is possible with a toxinometer® ET-6000. However, when using this kit, equipment temperature calibration is necessary. We recommend the Standard OQ service once a year.
This kit and reagent incompatible with the Bacterial Endotoxins Test specified in BET (JP)

Single test
Code No. Product Name Quantitative Range
with low CSE
Limulus ES-Ⅱplus CS Single Test Wako 0.01-1 32tests※
When using the standard protocol, it corresponds to 8 sample measurement.

Preservation standard curve data provided

Inputting the value of the standard curve data sheet attached to the reagent kit into the software eliminates the need for standard solution preparation and standard curve measurement. For that reason, it saves work time and consumables such as reagents and dilution test tubes.

Standard curve data sheet

Preparation of PC and PPC

A low content of CSE (Control Standard Endotoxin) is included in this kit and the titer tested using the endotoxin standard (JP-RSE(Japanese Pharmacopoeia-reference standard endotoxin)) is displayed. PC and PPC are prepared by dissolving the freeze-dried product of CSE to the midpoint concentration of the standard curve (0.1 EU / mL). PC can be prepared by dissolving CSE with water for BET. PPC can be prepared by dissolving CSE with sample solution.

When adding samples from low content CSE to Limulus ES - II single reagent, it is convenient to use Bio Clean Chip Wako® Extend S II.

In this page, it becomes PC (positive control), PPC (positive product control), CSE (Control Standard Endotoxin).


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  • Lysate reagent selection flowchart


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