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Endotoxin Measurement System MPR Endotoxin Measurement System for BT

lt is a system dedicated to endotoxin measurement using absorbance Microplate Reader ELx808IU and standard equipment“Toximaster® MPR” software. lt can be used for various endotoxin tests such as quality control tests on pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. lt enables you to arrange samples and input sample information on one software screen,and supports accurate multi-sample processing with simple and small software operation.


  • Combined with the appropriate LAL reagent, two testing techniques: turbidimetric and chromogenic are usable with a single system.
  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 96 samples is possible with 96 well plate.
  • Systems comply with the FDA21 CFR Part 11 are also available.
  • The software supports to BET (USP/EP/JP).
  • Prepare dedicated software “Toximaster® MPR Part11” or “Toximaster® Non- Part11”


  • LAL Basic Knowledge
  • Lysate reagent selection flowchart


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